Building a Culture of Reading in Your Home and Beyond

  • Embark on a lifelong journey with books.
  • Establish an atmosphere conducive to reading.
  • Cultivate habits of reading.
  • Reap rewards of reading.
  • Advance a culture of reading beyond the home.

What You Can Expect


Something for all ages.

Something for readers at every level.

Discussion of the process of reading, including factors involved in learning to read, and ways of becoming better readers.

Examination of reading in the context of the four Language Arts: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing.

Exploration of reading from a historical perspective, including current trends and past practices. Peeks into the past may inspire us to bring back some methods in common use a century ago.

Book recommendations, encompassing not only classics of long ago, and gems of today, but the best books from the periods in between as well. Some of the titles we recommend are available for online reading at our sister site, Gateway to the Classics. Others you can purchase at Amazon or get at your local library, while some you will only be able to  find through the used book market. We aim to tell you about the BEST books (not just those readily available), AND where to find them.

Authors worth knowing, who have written a number of wonderful books worthy of your attention.

Some posts written by me, others by insightful authors writing long ago whose thoughts I encountered in my search for old books to republish.

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The Duty of Owning Books

​In the following essay 19th century preacher, social reformer and abolitionist, Henry Ward Beecher (brother of Harriet Beecher Stowe) makes a case for the owning of books. Share your thoughts in the comments below!​ We form judgments of men from little things about their houses of which the owner perhaps never thinks. In earlier years, when travelling in the West, wher [...]

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This Way to Christmas with Ruth Sawyer

You may know Ruth Sawyer as author of the Newbery Award winning Roller Skates, but did you know that she also has to her credit three outstanding collections of Christmas stories for children? Let me introduce you to them and tell you how she came to write them.As a child Ruth was lucky, indeed, to have as nurse Johanna who hailed from County Donegal in Ireland─Johanna, a gif [...]

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Stories That Open Doors

To bring out the positive qualities which we should like to find in every story for little children I can think of no better plan than, first, to quote bodily a chapter from a book which possesses practically everything desirable, and next, to call attention to the book's good features point by point. The story I have in mind is called "The Dutch Twins." After a little introduc [...]

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Not Just at Bedtime

Most families who read aloud to their children do so at bedtime. I recommend that you do that too, but that you also find another time of day that you read to your children on a regular basis, so they come to expect it AND to look forward to it. One time that works well for many families is mealtimes—because you have a captive audience! Here are two examples of what that look [...]

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Lisa Ripperton
Yesterday's Classics

About the Author

I have only one memory of being read aloud to as a child, and that was when substitute teacher Mrs. Maloney spent a whole day reading The Secret Garden to my third grade class. I was entranced! In retrospect this simple act of reading aloud had a far-reaching impact on me, not only deepening my own love for reading, but imparting a desire to share that love of reading with others. Four decades later I founded the Baldwin Online Children's Literature Project @ to make some of the best children's books available to all. That in turn led to the creation of Yesterday's Classics, which initially published print editions of many of these classic works, and later introduced ebook editions of the same titles. Through these avenues I have given thousands of children access to hundreds of titles, some of which had been out of print for decades. With A Culture of Reading I want to introduce readers to many more titles and inspire them to spread their love of reading into their communities and beyond. You can read my full story here.


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